July 29, 2013

So much beer, so little wifi.

People travel for a lot of different reasons.  Sometimes for work, sometimes out of obligation but usually for fun.  In our case we love to travel and even more when it involves beer.  In fact we plan whole vacations around a festival we want to attend.  This past weekend we attended the Southern New Hampshire Brewer's Festival.

We decided to make a lengthy trip out of it and hit Portland, Maine as well.

There were many breweries to see and many beers to try.  Stay tuned in the coming week for a break down of our trip, write ups on the breweries you should visit if you head out that way and a review of the festival.

If you follow us on Untappd you have seen just a small sample of what we tried (very little wifi in Maine) and if you don't but want to you can find us at AThibert and varxint. We will be Untapping the remaining beers in the coming days.


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