August 14, 2013


This is the story of what happens when beer bloggers go away on an amazing trip to try beer and visit a brew festival, come home briefly and set out on another vacation.  They return home and find themselves struck with food poisoning. They do their damnedest to recover so they can attend another festival and also volunteer.

This is the story of the bloggers here at Barley and Wort.  We are finally home and find ourselves feeling not up to doing a whole lot at the moment.

We are both volunteering at National Capital Beer Festival this coming weekend so we are focusing on feeling more like ourselves in time to make our shifts.

Posts will be coming as promised since we have a lot to tell you about Maine and New Hampshire as well as our time at Session Muskoka and the brewery visits we got in on our 2400 km motorcycle trip.  We will also have lots to share about volunteering for Ottawa's beer festival.

So please stay tuned and we apologize for the silence.