June 08, 2013

Celebrating 3 Years for Kichesippi Brewery

Kichesippi Brewery celebrated three years of brewing this past spring.  It has become one of the go to craft beer breweries here in Ottawa and for me, I use their flagship beers 1885 and Natural Blonde as a gateway beer for non craft beer drinkers.

I will admit I don't always love their beer.  I find many too mild for my palate.  That doesn't mean I don't admire what they have done in their three years of brewing here in Ottawa.

Taking over the brewery once operated by Heritage Brewing, Paul Meek has to build a brewery that is recognized throughout the city.  They were the beer the mayor used for his bets during the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Arriving, I bought my chips and headed off to find food and beer.  My food consisted of an amazing chili grilled cheese from StreetEats. My beer choices consisted of the Polaris, the 1855 and the Heller High Water.  I am not a fan of the Polaris so I opted for the Heller.

I was joined by a bunch of fellow Barley's Angels and we happily chatted over beers and delicious food.  Marissa, another Angel and I met the challenge of pinning Paul Meek, the owner.

Another treat to be had at the party was Harvey and Vern's soda.  I tried both the ginger beer and the cream soda.  If you ever want to taste soda the way it should be done I highly recommend Harvey and Vern's. The ginger beer was amazing with all the bite you'd expect and the cream soda a clear, smooth cream soda.

Before heading off the Barley's Angels had our picture taken in the photo booth and I snagged a Pascale's Ice Cream 1855 sandwich.  Nothing beats handmade ice cream sandwiches, especially when they contain beer.

Cheers to Kichesippi Brewery!

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