June 18, 2013

An Immodest Event

The craft beer world is kind of small.  Go to enough events and you will start recognizing faces.  Start seeing the same people enough and you are bound to start talking to them.  Sometimes you go to things, meet people and next thing you know it is four or five years later and you are at a bar for the release of their beer.

This is sort of how we met Ryan Morrow of Nickel Brook Brewing.  We happened to be at a very small beer festival a number of years ago.  I was being forced to try this drink made with half lager, half vodka cooler.  I was told I would like it as "women love this cause it tastes like lemonade and not beer."  I took one sip, hated it as expected and passed it to a friend.  I happened to look over at the next booth.  It was for Nickel Brook and I just happened to have their green apple pilsner in my fridge.  I said as much and  a conversation was quickly struck up with the man at the booth.

We tried the beers, loved them and in the end got his card.  Turned out that the person manning the booth was the brewer himself, Ryan.

Over the years our fridge has seen many a keg from Nickel Brook and currently the Naughty Neighbour occupies one of the taps.

It was of course our pleasure to join Ryan and Ottawa rep Justin da Silva at the Arrow and Loon to celebrate the release of Immodest Imperial IPA.  We were also thrilled to find out that Ryan had brought with him a keg of Creepy Bitch.

Both Ryan and Justin suggested we start with the Creepy Bitch.  Between the two it had the more citrus and floral notes.  This beer is a belgian tripel with a 9% ABV.  It was a collaboration brew between Nickel Brook and Great Lakes.  It was served with a rose petal floated on top.  The aroma was, as expected very floral and the taste carried notes of blood orange.

The Immodest carried a wonderful woody nose  The hops, a healthy dose of Citra and Simcoe, gave the beer a nice almost pine like taste with a hint of grapefruit on the end.  A bit malty but not overly sweet at all.  As with all their beers I found it very, very well balanced and complex

The evening was hit of course.  There were of course many familiar faces in the crowd.  Many beers were enjoyed. Once again Nickel Brook and Ryan did not disappoint.

Thanks to Ryan and Justin for a great evening.

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