January 28, 2014

Tap Takeover-Corner

What are the two things that you can count on from a tap takeover involving one of the oldest and one of the most creative breweries in Ottawa? Interesting beers and a big crowd.

Both were present on Saturday at The Corner Bar and Grill in Westboro.

Beau's Brewery and Beyond the Pale took over their taps to serve patrons some great beer.  An overall great selection with BTP bringing Pink Fuzz, Imperial Super Guy, The Darkness, Party Animal and the new Bigamy. Beau's presented the crowd with Lugtread, Bog Water, Bottle Imp, Hogan's Goat and Barrel Aged Burnt Rock.

The event kicked off at 6:00 pm though people showed up early to enjoy dinner. By 7:00 the place was full and by 8:30 there was a line up waiting for tables. Many chose to grab a beer at the bar while Beau's Tim Duncan and BTP's Shane Clarke moved about the room talking to people who had questions about the beer or who just wanted to compliment the brews.

What about the beers?

Well, as expected they were very good. We tried Bigamy (very nice hop flavours) and Barrel Aged Burnt Rock (like a vanilla creme chocolate) We also happened to be there when they tapped a cask of BTP's Breaking Bitter. This beer is good off draught but on cask it was perfect.

A special mention to Turtle Island whose cask of Black Forest we also got to try and it lived up to its name. If you like black forest cake, with the chocolate and cherry combo than this beer is for you.

We got to try the beers we wanted and with the steadily building crowd choose to leave early to give room for the newcomers to enjoy the offerings as much as we did.

Congrats on a successful tap takeover to Beau's and Beyond the Pale!

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