September 20, 2013

Meeting up with the faces behind the tweets.

On Wednesday The Beer Gypsy, Marissa Begin, and I had the privilege of attending the Golden Tap Awards in Toronto. One of the things that struck us was how often we 'know' of someone from Twitter, perhaps had conversations with them but never met in person. We know their twitter handle but not what they look like.

Let's face it a lot of us don't have our pictures up on twitter so to find us in a large crowd would be difficult.

To hit home the idea that we are all connected, yet not, Barley and Wort attended the Clocktower launch of their pumpkin beer.  Again there were tweets but missed real life greetings. A call went out on Twitter for a meet up.

We here at For Barley and For Wort have decided to take up that challenge.  We like talking to other beer lovers.  It is always nice to put a face with a Twitter handle.  There is a really strong chance that we have passed by you at an event, maybe even said hello without ever knowing it was you.

So Ottawa Area beer lovers, Ottawa Area beer bloggers and Ottawa Area brewers it is time for us to meet up.

Given the number of you (there are a lot of beer lovers on Twitter here in the Ottawa area!) the biggest challenge will be finding a place to hold us all over the course of the evening.

We have a lot of work to do to plan this so we are looking at a date in November.  Given the possible numbers an invitation will be sent out and RSVP's needed. 

So that brings us to your job-

If you are a beer blogger, a craft beer lover or a brewer here in Ottawa or the surrounding area and want an invitation email us here at with your name (both real and Twitter) and follow @ForBarleyorForW on Twitter for updates.  (You can like us on Facebook too)

Have questions or suggestions please email us as well!

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